Wednesday, 31 August 2011

They're dead, they're all messed up.

Well, that's it. Principal photography and my time on set is over, which means i've got a ton of photographs to sort through. I've tried to shoot a mixture of film and digital including about 30 or so polaroids with the Polaroid Automatic 100 which i'll scan and upload.

During the first and third weeks of shooting we shot scenes featuring hordes of zombies.
For the first group we had around 50 zombies which were made up by the awesome Sara Hughes  and Heidi Clarke. The second group were recruited to shoot one scene we couldn't shoot in the first week due to time restrictions.

It was great fun having all the zombies on set, they were mostly made up of all our family members and friends.

Emma - Horde zombie

Horde zombie

Horde zombie

Horde zombie

Horde zombie

Hannah - Set design

Karen & Emma

Heidi's son

Heidi's son

Emma and Lex

Emma and Lav



Danny Brown & zombies

Monday, 29 August 2011

We interrupt this broadcast

It has been brought to my attention that I have missed someone out of my posts, so by way of apology this entire post is dedicated to the wonderful Jade Colucci. Over the course of the shoot she has been hit in the face with a gun, hurt her hand during a pulled punch and sat in A&E in full bloodied up costume. 
Jade has been a trooper throughout the entire shoot and not complained once, so this one's for her.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

They're coming to get you Barbara.

The last three characters we have met in the last week are Gibson (Joe Rainbow), Mac (Jim Sweeney) and Harden (Jade Colucci). It has been great watching them all get into character and they've all kept our spirits up during the long shifts.

Gibson - Joe Rainbow

Mac - Jim Sweeney

Sarah and Heidi - Make up

The Beaumonts - Danny Brown and Rachel Nottingham

Monday, 15 August 2011

The emergency networks are taking over.

Only managed to get a few photos retouched today. I will upload more including the new characters we've met this week.

Amy - Continuity

Danny Brown - Beaumont Zombie

Eric Colvin - Sykes

Matt - Gaffer for a day

Joe Rainbow - Gibson Zombie

Friday, 12 August 2011

When there's no more room left in hell...

Today is day 12 in the shooting schedule, so tonight will be our last night in Winchester after which we will be packing up and heading back to Basingstoke for the third week.

Alex - Zombie

Claire - Zombie

Fireman zombie

Gandhi - Zombie

Messiah and Georgia

Production designers


Alex and Jake


Martin Lavender AKA Lord Lav - Zombie

Loz - Zombie

Add caption


Sam - Tea Drinker/Editor

Shamiso - Esther

Ste - Gaffer


Fireman zombie