Tuesday, 25 October 2011

120° of the dead

The Horizon Kompakt is a clockwork panoramic camera that shoots a 120° photograph by cocking the cameras shutter then releasing the mechanism. I was fortunate enough to have been given one of these cameras a few years ago when a friend of mine upgraded hers. They are similar in many ways to the Widelux although you don't have as much control over your images as the Widelux offers.

I had always been aware of Jeff Bridges work shooting with a Widelux on every film set he has worked on and wanted to try something similar. Being on the set of Resurrection was my opportunity to put the camera to good use. I still have more films to develop and one in the camera to finish off which  will upload once they are ready to scan.

See Jeff Bridges amazing work here.

Thanks for tuning in!

Ste and Matt


Zombie clothes waiting to be gored up 
Part of the 50 strong zombie hoard being made up

My sister and girlfriend getting their zombie make up finished

From left to right Danny, Rachel, Sarah, Messiah, Chris and Dave

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mr Jim Sweeney

During the last week of filming we would sit for up to two hours a day waiting for the torrential rain to stop. So whilst drinking tea and eating my way through a mountain of baguettes I took some shots of the cast and crew enjoying the down time.

All images in this post were taken using a Bronica ETRSI medium format camera.

Jim delivering some of his characters lines

Mac with fresh zombie spine

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

If you go down in the woods...

So, for week four we were shooting in the woods which meant being at the mercy of the british weather.
There were a few mornings where we would arrive on set only to sit undercover for two hours waiting for the rain to stop, it was a good opportunity to slowly wake up and grab a few shots of cast and crew before heading down the hill into the woods. I had been taking my polaroid to set since day one but now we were outside I had the opportunity to use it. I shot approx two and a half boxes of film. I would have shot more but it's pretty steeply priced.

Eric having a rest between takes 
Jim with fresh zombie spine

Joe stepping into the animal trap

Leaf shit sack zombie

Simon between takes

Monday, 3 October 2011

One night only Centre Fold Gallery showcase

For those of you lucky enough to live on the small isle of Guernsey the sorely missed Centre Fold Gallery will be opening its doors for a one off halloween show. The show will feature a slew of work by The Readerswives Collective of which I have the great honour of being a member.

Artists taking part are: Dred, Strictly Biz, Cose, Liesja Grut, Rost plus many more.

So come on down and grab a slice of original art for a great price!