Thursday, 6 January 2011

Polaroid, we love you.

Many years ago friend John gave me a Polaroid Automatic 100. Resigned to the unavailability of a battery for it I placed it on my Polaroid camera shelf to collect dust and look good.
Then the other day I read on the world wide internet that you can use a bog standard 9v battery to power the shutter, so I tried it and it worked! I have since ordered a few packs of fuji pull apart polaroid and will be posting shots from it as soon as the film arrives.

I won't launch into a rant about how badly I miss polaroid and their fine products, I will however be first in line to buy a box of Type 55 if the impossible project ever manufacture it.

Also as a side note I am looking for more participants in my five by four project. If you would like me to take your portrait and I can get to you feel free to send me an email via my website.

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