Thursday, 1 December 2011

Quickly Going Nowhere

To say i've been running around like a headless chicken of late would be an understatement. Not that i'm complaining, but the man flu I have been infected with has certainly put a dampener on things.

I have recently had the pleasure of jumping in to fill the shoes of the cinematographer on a short film titled Quickly Going Nowhere. The film is based around the concept of someone who is trying to make a career out of what they love, whilst simultaneously trying to exist day to day by having a nine to five job.
Based around true events from the life of London based rapper Brotherman (Thomas boord-James) the film acts as a showcase for his work and paints a picture of an artist struggling for recognition.
First time director Johnny Griffith has worked with a close group of creatives who are all in the same position as the central character. Everyone is working hard to be taken seriously and prove that they are passionate in what they do.

Off the back of the film Thomas and Johnny are setting up their own multi media company called King and Country and have secured a sponsor in the clothing company Dephect. Brotherman is also sponsored by Dephect.

For more info on the film check out the facebook page here

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