Friday, 20 January 2012

Not your day pal

You won't have seen this film yet because it's still being edited, but when it sees the light of day you will be introduced to an amazing ensemble cast. This is the reality of how people would behave in a zombie apocalypse, you won't find anyone putting a bandana around their head loading up a ridiculous machine gun and going on a rampage. What you will see is a mismatched group fighting amongst themselves, some constantly on each others backs, others pushing their weight around as they embark on their journey to the last safe city.

If you would like to contribute towards the film Andy and Jake of Charmed Apocalypse pictures have set up an IndieGoGo page here.

Before you go, here are the finished and retouched scans of the awesome Mr Jim Sweeney who played Mac in the film. Some of his best lines (read in your best scottish accent)

"And you Doctor Badman, Are my Fucking Hero!"
"Not your day pal!"

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