Friday, 17 February 2012

Virtuous Bread

My friend Pete Thompson of Shedlight Productions has taken home a much coveted Royal Television Society award for best non-broadcast film showcasing the company Virtuous Bread.
Virtuous Bread is owned and run by the lovely Jane Mason who teaches people to make bread and uses this to bring people and communities closer together.

Working as part of the team I shot the stop motion cutaways of the writing, time lapse of the bread rising  and the second unit close up details in and around the kitchen. The film was shot on a Canon 7d and lit with various light sources including a Kino Flo Diva Light. When you are working in a great location with someone who is clearly comfortable in front of a camera and passionate about what they do everything seems to fall into place.
The team who worked on the film include Pete Thompson (Director/Camera), Kevin Harper (Sound),
Paul Hodgkinson (Concept/Producer) and myself.

We hope you enjoy the film and be sure to check out both the Virtuous Bread site and the Shedlight Productions site. 

And here's the film, 


Virtuous Bread from Shedlight on Vimeo.


  1. Beautiful piece of work matey, certainly different from what we did last week!

  2. Thanks man. It's definitely a world away from what we were filming.