Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Breakfast of Champions

A few weeks back we shot a new opening for Zombie Resurrection, for the shoot we were kindly leant a stack of replica guns to equip the characters with. After the shoot I had an idea to use them for a photoshoot and started thinking how to incorporate them into a picture. I had recently seen a coffee table book called "Chicks with Guns" and really liked the way that the pictures worked. The gun almost seemed to be a surreal element. You could take away the gun and the picture would still work just as well although with an altered context.

I am currently working on photographing film makers and thought this would be an ideal opportunity to combine the two ideas, so I called up my good friend Jake of Charmed Apocalypse Pictures and we set the shot up at his parents house.
Set decoration wise it was really simple, the house already has an amazing 1970's look to it, so it was just a case of moving a few things round, like the carved wooden wolf in the background and arranging the guns on the table. I tried to keep the background as clean and clutter free as possible so it was not distracting in any way.
Lighting wise I had a beauty dish boomed directly overhead with a reflector to kick light onto the face mixed with the ambient light.
For the portrait outside one light in an umbrella to camera left.

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