Saturday, 4 August 2012

Welcome to the Darkslide

The dust has settled and I can sort of sit back for a minute. My show is up after three days of laying it all out and then hanging it. The show features 29 framed prints that I have shot over the past four years, half of the work I shot specifically for the exhibition.

A selection of zombies from Zombie Resurrection

It took abut two weeks to frame and mount all of the prints. Some of the mounts I cut, some were cut by my wife and the largest were cut by the excellent staff at Southsea Gallery. If you've ever tried to cut photographic mounts before you'll know how frustrating it can be. You buy a large sheet of expensive mount board, measure everything out. Get the metal ruler and cutter in place, then make your cut only to realise that you 've got the blade the wrong way and the bevel is facing the opposite direction.

Shooting a time lapse of the show going up next to my print of Brotherman

The exhibition space is divided into three rooms, so I placed all the work on the floor and moved it around until I was happy with where it sat, then asked a few people to give me their opinions and tweaked the layout accordingly. I know that Richard Avedon used to have a foam board scale model of the exhibition space made up and scaled down prints that he would tack on the walls until he was happy with their arrangement. I had already done this in my head over the last two weeks before taking anything down to the space.

Exhibition cat who turned up on the first day

For the first two days I had a lot of help from Lord Lav who was a massive help both with carrying frames and keeping me sane sat underground for the first two days.
On day three the legends that are my parents came down and helped me to hang the rest of the show.
All the name plates went up a few hours before the doors opened and it all went really well. I sold 9 pieces on the opening night.

Dave White and Jon Gibbs

Johnny Griffith

Johnny and Rob

So if you are down in Southsea within the next week and a half drop in and see the show.
It's at Room 237, 76 Elm Grove Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

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