Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lord of the Dead

Recently a few of us put our heads together to come up with a promotional video for Lord Lav.
The two main purposes of the video were to help Lav to crowd source funding for his debut album and also to introduce the character of Lord Lav.
Lord of the Dead is a zombie rap concept album intercut with audio scenes that run as a narrative throughout the album. If the funding campaign is successful the album will be pressed onto 12" vinyl and become a tangible collectable object for which I will be shooting the cover.
Between us we watched a lot of IndieGoGo videos, some great and some terrible to gauge what made a successful video. Our main concerns putting the video together were that it held peoples attention, was fun to watch, got the main points over as clearly as possible and that it was short enough that people wouldn't get bored whilst watching it (hopefully)
So ultimately here is the video. Let us know what you think and if you would like to contribute to Lav's campaign it currently live on IndieGoGo here

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